Louis Moinet Russian Eagle Tourbillion

Louis Moinet is creating more and more cultural pieces and this one is about Russia. This Russian Eagle tourbillon features a well made hand engraving of one of the most recognizable symbols of Russia–the double headed eagle. It was the emblem of the Russian Empire up until the 1917 revolution and is still respected by almost everyone in Russia.

But while the artistic side of the watch is clearly attractive, you can’t forget about the tourbillon. The tourbillion at the 6 o’clock position, does 1 rotation in 60 seconds and features a 72 hour power reserve. The back of the watch is also beautifully artistic. You can even see some of its manual winding movements. The dial also features Louis’s famous “waves” engraving. The lovely watch resides in a rather large 47mm white gold casing.

The Louis Moinet Russian Eagle Tourbillon is a limited edition and individually numbered–28 pieces in total. At a price tag of around CHF215,000 CHF (~ USD225,000), there will be quite a few Russians (including my lovely wife) looking for this watch.

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