18 Common Beard Grooming Mistakes To Avoid

June 18, 2021

Whether you are starting in growing a new beard or you do boast of your big beard, there could be chances that you are doing some beard growing and grooming mistakes. And here in this article, we are going to highlight those common beard mistakes that many guys do.

I have seen many new beards since the quarantine started. As an estimate, the number of new beards that has evolved in the quarantine and isolation era is the highest as compared to any other period of time.

At Adorned Man we have seen so many new guys with beards and let me tell you one thing, we love seeing the new beards.

In this quarantine and unfortunate covid times, many of us are developing one or two new habits. Some of us are including those habits in our list of hobbies. Well, if that is a good habit and we are getting it into our hobbies then that is a great plus point for us.

Developing love for your magnificent beards is a big positive thing for all of us. But the only thing to take care is that we should avoid the beard growing mistakes.

You would be surprised that the more common beard grooming mistakes are not just done by the new bearded guys but infact; these are repeated by many professionals as well. I know that this is little difficult to digest that how a man who is growing and grooming his beard from last few years can do any grooming mistakes?

But the fact is that many of us don’t realize this thing sooner and only when we see some damage to our ferocious beards then we are compelled to think that what beard grooming mistake I would have done?

Let us outline here the common beard mistakes that lots of guys do. Let me know if you have done or doing any such beard mistake. And if you do fall in this category then it is high time for you to act and rectify your facial hair mistakes.

Common Beard Grooming Mistakes

So, here are some of the common beard growing mistakes that we are presenting in front of you:

1. Leaving Your Beard Uncombed

I have seen people leaving their facial hair as such without any combing. This does not look good on part of the beauty of your beard and face. Combing makes the hair straight and streamline. Combing the beard enhances the beauty of the beard.

Further, if you are combing your beard properly then it means you are taming the facial hair in the right direction. Thus, your hair will thank you on this.

Combing the beard is like a mother shouting on her kids asking them to focus on their studies. We have seen that kids love to play more and they generally ignore the books and the study in front of play and fun. I know every children falls into this category, atleast when he is small.

I know about myself that I was like the same and how my mother used to work hard to force me to study :). At that time, she used to run after me so that I can learn and get good marks in the school :).

So, you can understand that how much beneficial combing is for your facial hair. But the question comes that how to comb your beard?

When your beard is around a month length then you can use your fingers to comb your beard. If you use a good comb then it is best for your beard but for few days or a month length, fingers also work.

So, not combing or brushing the facial hairs is one of the most common beard growing mistakes that you must avoid.

2. Using A Plastic Comb

Now, when we have listed the importance of combing your beard then it is must to know for you if is there any special type of comb that you should prefer for your beard?

Yes, beards should be combed with only special beard comb. I have seen early bearded guys using some cheap plastic combs. I would strongly concur here that plastic combs should never be used on the beards. Instead, you should use a good quality wooden or metal comb.

And, if you are using a good metallic comb then it is the best thing for your beard. We have a good collection of Beard and Mustache Combs here.

Why Plastic Combs should not be used on Beards?
The Plastic combs are not at all good. And if the plastic is of poor quality then the comb’s teeth might get trapped in your hair and they might get broken. And if the teeth break in your beard then it would be difficult for you to remove those teeth.

Further, if your beard is dry then the plastic teeth will cause a lot of pain to you and anytime you might get poked with the comb. Plastic combs can break anytime and you cannot be confident with them.

Also, plucking the comb teeth might break your facial hairs resulting in the loss of precious beard hairs. So, don’t use plastic combs or else you will be introducing another common beard mistake.

3. Being Impatient

Another facial hair mistake is just simply being impatient. I have seen when someone starts growing a beard, then in the initial few days only, he starts dreaming of a good big beard. Many guys just go in front of the mirror everyday to examine the length of their beards.

This is their biggest fault. Examining beard length daily lowers your confidence. We know that any body part including your hair will not give you instant results.

You might have noticed that when any guy starts gym then on the first day himself, he dreams of becoming Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have seen guys start looking at their muscles on the very first day of gym.

While doing exercise, muscles get pumped-in but they return to normal position once you are out of the gym. Looking at them continuously will not give you strength in muscles but just when you will not see any difference in the power and size of muscles; it will degrade your confidence level.

The same is true for facial hair as well. No doubt that your bearded hair grows daily but would you be able to spot that difference by watching it in the mirror on daily means?

When you will not get the beard length of 6 inches in few days then you will start feeling low. So, I would advise you to focus on good beard grooming practices and do not worry at all on the length and beauty of the beard.

Stop looking in mirror too much and instead, use some good beard grooming tactics. Your focus should always be the maintenance of your facial hairs rather than committing any facial hair mistake.

4. No Trimming Or Shaping Of The Beard

Every body part needs care. And when it comes to beard, it needs the same affection and care as your other body parts do. When you go to any party or function then you apply gel or oil etc to your head hair. Same way, beards also need care.

When head hair becomes long then you go to barber and he/she cuts your hair. The barber trims your head hair and shapes them properly.

Similarly, facial hair also needs proper trimming and shaping. The way head hair needs trimming after some defined length; the same holds for your beard as well. When beard goes for a certain length then it needs good trimming.

The trimming adds to the shape and beauty of the beard. And if you keep on trimming the beard properly and timely then your beard will grow in the proper direction. And therefore, if you are not trimming or shaping your beard in a good way then it will be counted as a beard trimming mistake.

5. Daily Washing Of Beard

Many people think that washing the beard daily is good for them. But it is not the case. I would suggest you to wash your beard 3-4 times a week. More than this is not recommended. Though I would like to point here is that many people wash their beards daily but I personally wash my beard 4 times a week.

The daily washing takes out the essential oils and nutrients out of your beard. Unless you work in an environment where your beard gets trapped by the dirt always, I don’t see any need of daily washing of your beard.

6. Trimming A Wet Beard

I have mentioned above that you should trim your beard timely. But whenever you are trimming, you need to make sure that your beard is not wet. The reason is that when the hairs are wet then the size of hair looks big due to presence of water droplets.

And thus, you might end up more cutting and trimming of your beard. In order to focus on proper length and size of your beard, let it dry and then you can trim it based on your needs.

So, I count daily washing as a beard growing mistake that many bearded men do.

7. Trimming Your Beard Too Often

Another common beard trimming mistake that I want to point here is that many people trim their beards too often. They think that this way they can add to the beauty of their face but they actually end in one of the biggest beard trimming mistakes.

Trimming the beard too often will not allow your beard ample room to grow. So, you should always ponder on this that trimming is good for your beard but only when done at proper timings and intervals.

8. Avoiding Cheap Beard Products

If you are serious into taking your facial hair to the next level then you should be focused on spending some bucks on quality beard products. If you are a beginner in beard grooming then I would recommend you oil and butter to use.

Since we have grown up, we are using hair oil for our scalp and head hair. Then how can we think of no oil for our beards?

When our scalp and head needs nutrition in the form of oil and when our body needs fuel in the form of food then can we imagine that our facial hair will grow without any food?

The food of beard is the products which helps it in its growth and beauty. And those beard products are the oil, butter and balm. Plus, a good comb and scissor as well.

So, if you are not using any products for your beard then you are doing a big beard growing mistake which you must avoid at any cost.

9. Applying Beard Oil Only On Your Beard

I know I must have confused you guys. In the previous point, I asked you to use beard products such as Oil and butter and now, I am saying that if you are applying the oil ONLY on your beard then you are doing a big beard growing mistake.

So, you must be thinking that where the hell I should apply the beard oil? If it is beard oil then obviously it has to be applied on the beard.

I do concur by your statement but remember that your facial hair will only be healthy if your face is healthy. And when it comes to facial hair oil then remember that this oil is made up of quality ingredients and when you apply it to your facial skin then it holds the root of hair.

If you look at the ingredients of HowlingBeard Company Beard Oil then you can see that we use some of the finest ingredients for the manufacturing of our oil. And if you apply our oil on your face skin then that will be plus point for your facial hairs.

So, make sure that you do not repeat the common beard mistake of not applying the oil on your skin.

10. Using Body Wash or Body Soap on Your Beard

Many newcomers fail to understand that facial hairs are different to other body parts. And due to lack of knowledge, they start using the body bar soap or body wash on their beards. And this is a very common beard mistake that many newcomers do.

Let me guide you here that beard and skin both are different. The beard wash and beard soap are specifically made for beard and so, you should always consider the specially made products for your beard. Using regular bar soap or body wash might hinder the growth of your beautiful beards.

11. Comparing Your Beard To Others

As I have mentioned in third point that when a person starts his beard journey, he is very impatient. And due to this impatience, he gives another loose point also.

The new comers in beard growth journey continuously check for their beards and compare themselves with other bearded men.

The other bearded men might be growing their beards from months or years and how come you can compare your new beard with their beards?

Second point to ponder here is that the growth of your beard might not be same as another person’s beard. Some people see fast growth of their facial hairs while others experience slow growth of their beards.

And when you start comparing yourself with other guys then at some point of time, you will shed your confidence level. And if you do so then low confidence is not only bad for your personal and professional lives but it will hinder your beard growth journey as well.

So, avoid comparing your beard to other guys’ beards and save yourself in repeating a common beard growing mistake.

12. Not Maintaining Perfect Neck Line

Your beard should be trimmed properly and in such a way that the neckline is not directly on your jawline. Your Beard Neckline is the best way to define and shape your beard.

When you shave your beard then my suggestion for you is to shave it at the point where the head connects to the neck. Shaving at proper neckline will make your beard look thicker and healthier. On the other hand, if you are reducing the neckline too much then you will make your beard look thin.

So, make sure you maintain a perfect neck line to avoid any beard trimming mistake.

13. Not Maintaining Perfect Top Line

Like neckline, a perfect top-line is equally important for a healthy and fuller beard. Many people shave their top line and as on they keep shaving, they tend to reduce the line length. They do this in order to experiment with their howling beards but remember that your beard can get damages with such experiments.

Don’t make the top line too thin for your beard to look ugly. Not keeping a good beard top line is one of the most common beard trimming mistakes that many people do.

14. Not Keeping Good Mustache Line

Mustache is something that many bearded guys keep while others just clean shave the mustache. It is totally upto you if you want to keep the mustache or not. But if you have love for mustache and you can maintain a long fuller moustache then don’t hesitate to keep it.

A healthy mustache sometimes makes the beard look fuller and healthy. If you do not have a fuller beard then a good mustache will help you in keeping you in bearded men category. If you have a beautiful mustache then people will get attracted to your mustache.

But again, mustache is something totally your wish to keep it or not. But if you are keeping mustache then try to maintain a less shaved area between your beard and mustache. It will give your face a hairy looks and your face will look with a fuller and thick facial hairs.

Thus, your mustache can help you in turning away from any beard grooming fault.

15. Less Hair Follicle

If you think that your beard is very thin and you have less hair follicle covering your face then there is no need to worry. Let me give you a sigh of relief here by letting you know that even the heaviest bearded men do not have the hair follicles at every part of their faces.

The only thing is that they have lengthy beards and thus, their face is covered by the hair follicles and you think that their beards are too dense. When you keep your beard for few months then you will also notice that your hair follicles have covered your face all around.

Considering less hair follicles and keeping tension on the follicle number is one of the most common beard mistakes for new guys.

16. Smoking

I love a good cigar just as much as the next guy. However, if you frequently smoke then here is now another reason for you to quit smoking. We all know that smoking is injurious to health but then also many people are unable to quit it. A person when gets habitual to smoking then no matter what happens in the world but he just needs the smoke.

If you are a smoker and want to quit smoking but unable to do so then we are here to help and provide you with a solid reason to quit smoking.

Smoking impacts the overall beard growth. It results less hair follicles and it damages the beard hair and its growth. So, if you are into smoking then it would be counted as one of your beard growing mistakes.

17. Believing Beard Myths

There are few myths associated with beard lifestyle and bearded men. Some people think that keeping a beard decreases the beauty of a man. According to them, a clean shaven man looks more handsome and charming.

But let me tell you that this is an old myth and mentality of old peoples. Today’s man looks more handsome and appealing with a beard. Only beard can make a man howling.

And so, if you are still sucked in by these old myths then it is high time to come out from these negative thoughts and develop the love for beards.

18. Expecting Results Too Often

Don’t expect your beard to grow like a Grizzly Adams beard within few days. Your beard will take time to grow and you should accept it. And so, you should not expect the results too soon.

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