How To Moisturize Dry Skin Under Beard And Mustache?

June 19, 2020

Growing a beard can be much easier than having to continually maintain a clean shave otherwise the skin under your beard hurts. However, keeping a beard has some of its own drawbacks such as dry skin. How do you moisturize dry skin under your beard or mustache?

With insufficient or improper care, the beard can easily get out of hand, giving rise to dry and flaky skin. Even the beard hair can get rough and unmanageable.

Both the environment and lifestyle can take its toll upon the condition of the dry skin in beard, eyebrows, and sideburns. Maintaining a proper moisturizing routine for your beard or mustache can help prevent a similar unfortunate end.

The tips given below can be helpful in rehydrating the dry skin under your beard or mustache and prevent rashes, dandruff, and itches:

Clean Your Beard

A beard can get quite unhygienic if not cleaned properly and frequently.

You should also be mindful of the cleansing products that you are using on a daily basis. It is advised not to use bar soaps and facial cleansers on your beard. Most of these products have high alcohol content and tend to dry out the skin in no time.

It is important that you treat your beard the same way you treat your scalp hair. It is advisable to use mild moisturizing shampoos or mild cleansers that are formulated especially for the beard. You can also switch to anti-dandruff shampoos if the skin gets too flaky. You may also use bar soaps if they are specially made for beard hair.

Dry It Well

Never leave your beard hair damp. This can cause the hard water and residual chemicals to settle at the roots, thereby leading to dry skin. After you are done washing your beard hair, use an absorbent towel to dab the excess water out and blow dry using a hairdryer. Since warm air is more likely to irritate the tender skin over the face, set the dryer to the lowest heat setting or even cool air if you prefer.

Keep It Conditioned

Make it a ritual to condition your beard hair every time after washing. This will keep the hair smooth and manageable. You may use the same conditioner that you use for your scalp hair or go for the commercial conditioners that are made exclusively for the beard hair.

These conditioners contain nourishing ingredients such as sesame, jojoba, aloe vera, and hazelnut which help to moisturize the skin under the beard and keep the hairs soft.

Use Cold Water

Hot showers can be very comforting. However, you should remember that it can also rob the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry. Due to this, the hair can grow brittle over time. Therefore, it is much healthier to take a cold shower. Even if you are taking a hot shower, make it a point to use cold water for your face.

Keep Your Skin Optimally Moist

Dry air can alleviate skin dryness. If it is winter, do not overheat the house as it can lead to dry air around the house. Also, if you are used to keeping the air conditioners on for long stretches of time, make it a point to use humidifiers in the room. These help to moisten the air and help in relieving dry skin.

Moisturize dry skin under your beard or mustache is very important for a healthy beard. Though these steps are very simple to adapt to your daily regimen, they can make a great impact on the dry skin that’s under your beard and allow it to be soft and well-hydrated so that do not have to keep scratching it every now and then. You can also read about beard care products like beard czar or beardilizer reviews and check the results of beardilizer before and after on our website.

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